Shinrin-Yoku Bathing Box

  • $70.00 AUD


Feel the grounding benefits of the forest with the Shinrin-Yoku Bathing Box. Perfect idea for gifting.

Known as the process of deep relaxation and calm, Shinrin-Yoku means ‘forest bathing’ in Japanese. A practice, born in the late 80 in Japan, to take in the benefits of walking and breathing in the forest and indulge in a calming and grounding wellness therapy.

Our Shinrin-Yoku box is the perfect set to meditate and cocoon yourself with an assortment of handmade aromatherapy soaps and bath salts. Each pure vegetal soap mixes shea butter, glycerin, vegetal oils and pure essential oils, is handcrafted by local artisans and dried for 10 days. Our bath salt pouch is delicately infused with pure essential oils and hand grilled by artisans. 

Comes with a Cedar rough-cut bar soap, 3 mini soaps of Amber, Honey and Rose of Damascus and 1 Amber bath salt pouch.

1 Cedar of Lebanon Spiritual Bar
3 Mini Ma'amoul soaps: Rose of Damascus, Amber and Honey
1 Mediterranean Bath Salt sachet: Amber