Senteurs d'Orient is actively committed to improving the lives of women and gender equality. In 2011, we founded the Senteurs Women Initiatives, a program in partnership with the United Nations Development Programme to empower and educate Women in Lebanon.

We are dedicated to the power of education so that women in Lebanon may attain their goals through educational as well as career opportunities, and our partnership with the United Nations Development Programme is an integral part of our vision.

Every year, Senteurs Women Initiatives selects a local non-profit grassroots organization to enable Lebanese stakeholders to implement projects addressing the empowerment of women, and to reach as many of them regardless of religion or area. Through annual vocational trainings, IT trainings, awareness-raising activities or business skills development workshops, we give women the knowledge and the tools to empower themselves. By way of this Senteurs Women’s Initiative, we support key UNDP activities, which are aimed at achieving several of its Sustainable Development Goals, notably goal #5 — Gender equality. And, like the UNDP, we believe women have a vital role to play as agents of development.

In 2017, Senteurs Women Initiatives empowered more than 150 women across the country.

In addition to the Senteurs Women Initiatives program, we at Senteurs d’Orient proudly hire women in all positions in our atelier. While offering them an income, we help them to build professional skills. These women, whom we are proud to have as part of our family, are supported to have agency over their own decisions and can choose how best to support their families.