Beauty Born From the Easts

Senteurs d’Orient’s story begins with Hana, whose journey took her from East to East.

Born and raised in Tokyo and finding her way to Beirut, she aimed to create the finest handcrafted soap fusing Japanese sophistication with Middle Eastern sensuality.

Combining artisanship and raw authentic lifestyle, it is in the heart of the oldest soap-making region of the world that the Senteurs d’Orient atelier was born.

“My inspiration was to create products infused by the spirit of the Orient, and reflect the multiple ‘beauty of the Easts’ cultures so close to my heart” - Hana

A Vibrant Multi-Generational Company

With a shared passion for beauty and authentic lifestyle, Hana’s daughter, Sarah, raised between East and West and based in New York City, brings her creative aspirations and modern eye to Senteurs d’Orient.

A multi-generational brand that offers unprecedented luxury and indulgence with unisex scents that appeal to all ages.


“Now, I am sharing her story with the world - fusing my vision with her creation” - Sarah

A Company That Gives Back to Women

Driven by female entrepreneurial spirit, Senteurs d’Orient is committed to keeping female empowerment at the heart of our brand.

(Doing good = feeling good.)