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  • Why You Will Love It

    Feel the magic and wonders of the Orient with our handcrafted mini soaps inspired by traditional Lebanese pastries, resembling a box of beautiful sweets. Made from the finest natural ingredients to deeply nourish and soothe skin. Try all nine bestselling soaps or gift the set with gratitude to a loved one.

    The Mini Ma'amoul Tasting Box includes:

    Orange Blossom – Invigorating citrusy scent with floral notes and a woodsy core.

    Jasmine of Arabia – Wonderful and calming aroma of the precious Jasmine flowers on the Mediterranean coast.

    Oriental Gardenia – Irresistible symphony of sweet creamy white petals and crisp green leaves.

    Amber – Luxurious striking dark bar with notes of opulent musk and wood.

    Rose of Damascus – Elegant blend of real roses that instantly uplifts your mood.

    Almond Exfoliant – Addictive exfoliant of pure almond oil infused with crushed raw oat grain and wheat.

    Tuberose – Known as “Queen of the Night” warm enticing scent that's associated with evening.

    Cedar of Lebanon – Smoky and woody, recalls the divinity and splendor of nature.

    Honey – Comforting blend of orange and pure essential oils.


  • Ingredients
    • ✘ Parabens
    • ✘ Colorants
    • ✘ Silicones
    • ✘ Titanium Dioxide
    • ✘ EDTA
    • ✘ Tallow
    • ✔ Shea Butter
    • ✔ Glycerin
    • ✔ Pure Essential Oils
    • ✔ Olive Oil
    • ✔ Vitamin E
    • ✔ Gluten-free
    • ✔ Vegan
    • ✔ Cruelty-free
  • Recommended Use
    • Form: 3 Mini Round Soaps, 3 Mini Oval Soaps, 3 Mini Square Soaps
    • Weight: 9x40g